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Announcements of the new Pixar animation in the form of short sketches broke online viewing records, and the form exceeded the scenes of many modern cabarets, because they did not have dialogues, and yet they were incredibly funny. best free movie streaming sites 2019 In this way, "WALL.E" became extremely popular even before the film was widely distributed, but the question arose in my mind whether something that worked in the short film will be interesting, funny and intriguing as a feature film? I can safely confirm the supposition made above and at the same time state that "WALL.E" is the most original and best made animation in the history of cinema.

The success was decided by the scenario thought through in every inch, and it should be added that the dialogues in the film were limited to the absolute minimum and focus on the main characters saying their names. It is incredible and you can sometimes get the impression that you are watching a work in the shape of silent comedies from the times of the early beginnings of cinematography, which entertain and move to tears. "WALL.E" also breaks from the genre conventions and, in addition to comedic scenes with a cute robot, we observe the best romantic plot of the last few years, which cannot be experienced in romantic comedies.

The main measure of the authenticity of the feeling between the robots is that the love between Wall.E and Eva is incredibly honest, thanks to which you can see it in the palm of your hand, and the joint commitment and sacrifice of both heroes holds the heart. The climate of the film is enhanced by amazing music straight from "2001: A Space Odyssey." The connection of the animation with Kubrick's film on borrowing the musical theme does not end and we observe a similar vision of the future destructive for humanity. This time, not only the computer with artificial intelligence is rebelling against man, but it is shown what can be caused by the continuous development of information technologies, aimed at making life easier for people on a daily basis. The fairy tale presents a vision showing people who are already so lazy that they can't even move too much on their own, which is at least disturbing. There are many more references to other films, such as the image of Wall.E taken straight from "Short Circuit" or a jump into hyperspace as in "Star Wars" and "Star Trek", however, borrowings do not cross the film as to originality, but their task is to pay homage to the mentioned productions. The specific genre hybrid, which is "WALL.E", is not addressed to one particular type of viewer, but will satisfy the expectations of many, because everyone will find something for themselves ...