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We often hear that Thailand is really a country of global sexturism, where many men desire to go without their girlfriends or wives. But to each their own. In Thailand, you can have an excellent holiday together, spend a romantic honeymoon or, conversely, have fun in Nightclubs and local bars. Thailand's nightlife hub-cityPattaya, where there are lots of go-go balls and night clubs from dawn to dawn, which Thai katoi, transsexuals, transvestites and ladyboys love to visit. But first you need to understand the difference between these concepts.
In 1996, the Iron ladies gay and gay volleyball team won the national championship. The government, worried about the image of the country, suspended the katoi from taking part in the national team.

Transsexuals are those people who are "out of their body". In accordance with scientists, they have some regions of the brain that differ from the usual ones inherent within their natural sex. Transsexuality isn't related to sexual orientation. Such people could be Homo, straight, or bisexual. In life, transsexuals experience serious psychological discomfort, make an effort to show their real " I " and perform surgical operation to improve their gender.

Transvestites have no need to change their gender, therefore, they just like to wear clothes just like the opposite sex. Ladyboys or katoi are transvestites and transsexuals who, according to local concepts, are people of the 3rd sex. "Ladyboy "can be an American name, and in Thailand it really is customary to call them" kata "or" sao", which means" third gender","a different type of women". Katoi are very feminine and look after themselves even more than real women in Thailand.

In 1996, a lady katoi student killed a girl. This led to a solid reaction in Thai Newspapers , and rajabhat teachers ' colleges closed the admission of Catholics to their students. The decision was overturned after a mass protest by gay groups and feminists who joined them.

The attitude towards representatives of the third sex in the united kingdom is calm, and this is largely determined by faith. There are plenty of Buddhists in Thailand who usually do not consider sex change to be a sin. Katoi deserve, within their opinion, only compassion, because because of the sins in a previous life, these were born like this. Officially, there are 10 thousand transsexuals in Thailand, however in reality there are much more of these, since sex reassignment operations tend to be carried out illegally. In accordance with some sources, with the total population of the united states of
67 million people, you can find about 200 thousand transsexuals . They completely change their lifestyle, behavior, and clothing style, perform numerous plastic surgeries, and take hormonal medications to eliminate and smooth out secondary sexual characteristics.

There are many misconceptions about transsexuals:

1. it really is Generally accepted that such people live hardly any. Of course, ladyboys 30 years back lived much less than they do now. Today, hormone therapy is more gentle for our body. Only katoi live just a little less, as they often engage in prostitution, often use drugs and alcohol consumption, combining them with sleeping pills, that they use by the end of the "working night". Plus, hormonal drugs, but if the katoi lead a standard lifestyle, then they can live even longer than ordinary local residents.

2. in Thailand, they are very fond of Jews. This is simply not entirely true. More recently, such individuals were kicked out of these homes, considering them the lowest group of society. Katoi work in shops, restaurants and hotels, as well as in massage parlors, but most are engaged in prostitution and also have a criminal record. They do not have an easy life in Thailand, regardless of the calm attitude towards them. Ladyboys are not accepted for prestigious positions, even though they have a good education. Even after undergoing sex reassignment surgery, they can not change their passport to a female one. Before spring of 2011, katoi were considered insane and weren't accepted to serve in the Thai army. Since 2009, a campaign to legalize transsexuals has been launched around the globe, but only in France this year 2010 they were taken off the diagnosis of insanity.
Katoi usually work in women's jobs ? in shops, coffee shops, restaurants, beauty salons. Lots of people work in tourist centers and in the entertainment industry-dance, perform in cabarets-such asAlcazar or Tiffany'sPattaya, and sometimes take part in prostitution.

3. become Transsexuals in order to earn good money. This can be a controversial opinion. To transform completely into a woman, you must do many expensive operations, the cost of which sometimes reaches 30 thousand dollars. Prostitution is fairly difficult to earn such funds, but many ladyboys have a tendency to perform in the famous shows of transvestites "Tiffany" and "Alcazar", but just a few people get there. There is another opinion that transsexuals are raised from childhood, selecting small boys. Parents are paid to improve them like girls, never to be overfed or overworked. In adolescence, they remove their ribs to produce a thin waist, make cheekbones, buttocks and Breasts. At the age of 14, such boys can be purchased by their parents, having raised a pricey transsexual.

Legal status of Thai transsexuals.

Although ladyboys are treated calmly in Thailand, they can't officially change their passport even with sex reassignment surgery. This could be done in Russia. So they can pass through customs freely, they're only allowed to change their passport photo to a female one. Homosexual marriage is prohibited in Thailand, so it's forbidden for Catholics to marry men. Until 2007, Thai laws and the federal government of the Kingdom considered that violence against transsexuals was bodily harm, that the offender faced only 2 years maximum, while for rape in the united kingdom the word is
4-20 years.

In fit asian ladyboy , the Thai film Saving Private Tootsie appeared about a group of gay and gay men fleeing in the jungle after a plane crash. The film was based on real events with famous pop artists.

To have a sex reassignment operation officially performed in Thailand, money alone is not enough. The person should be of legal age (over 18 years) and must have parental permission if they are under 20 years of age. It is still essential to pass a psychiatric examination, and only following a year the operation is allowed. In the united kingdom, despite strict measures, clandestine operations are carried out. And surgeons and clinics themselves want in having more such clients who need a rather expensive operation.

Transsexuals in Thailand are good-natured and sweet people, even though they're born male. They strive atlanta divorce attorneys possible way to emphasize their beauty and femininity, follow fashion, flirt, make an effort to please and understand how to use makeup. But still, they are former male representatives, so that they are quite strong people who can react sharply to resentment because of taking hormones.