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While watching the phenomenal music clip for the movie "Punisher: Zone of War" I could not say a word. What is done in this Punisher trailer goes beyond human understanding. He didn't kill the villains, he just made them one big, red pulp. The biggest surprise for me was the scene in which Frank, holding a child in his arms, shoots straight in the face of a criminal sitting in a chair! "Massacre!" - this is the word I choked out after seeing the trailer and then with great satisfaction I said: I've always been waiting for such a "Punisher". Punisher has been my favorite comic character since childhood. In my opinion, this is the most human and least comic character I've ever come across. The guy with the great cage on his chest, who brutally murdered his family, executing punishments on the villains made a huge impression on me. The first screening of "Punisher" in 1989 did not live up to my expectations. The film had trivial dialogues (such as: - Who sent you? - Batman.), Was full of absurdities (where did the chest look?) And even the good Dolph Lundgren in the title role did not help this average production. It was a little better with the second screening. "Punisher" from 2004 proved to be a good "action man", but I didn't like the adaptation of the comic. Again a lot of absurdity (torturing people with ice!) And a shallow main character (Punisher - alcoholic!). Noteworthy in this film was the well-played title role of Thomas Jane.
After a break of over five years, another filming was shot, which, fortunately, does not disappoint as much as previous films. The main character of the film is Frank Castle (Ray Stevenson), a former officer of special units. Six years ago, the mafia murdered his family in front of his eyes. Mentally depressed, Frank begins a lonely crusade against Mafia families residing in New York. Over time, Micro (Wayne Knight) joins him, who provides Frank with modern weapons. After a successful action at the home of the head of the Italian mafia Don Cesare, Punisher chases his nephew Billy Russoti (Dominic West). Castle quickly catches up with him and disfigures his face, but in the process also a secret FBI agent - Donatelli dies. Russoti, seeking revenge on Punisher, takes the name Jigsaw and along with his brother Loony Bin Jim (Doug Hutchison) completes a group of criminals whose main goal is to kill Castle. Meanwhile, Punisher chases Detective Martin Soap (Dash Mihok) and FBI agent Paul Budiansky (Colin Salmon) seeking justice for his friend's death.
Frank, feeling responsible for Donatelli's death, decides to protect his wife (Julie Benz) and daughter. The weakest aspect of the movie is definitely the plot.
The writers tried to put as many threads as possible, which made you get lost in the action. I did not like the placement of Loony Bin Jim, whom I had never met on comic cards.
In my opinion, this hero does not fit the climate of the movie, despite the fact that Doug Hutchison really played it well.
However, this underdeveloped scenario has its advantages. "Punisher: Zone of War" is a film that best reflects the dark atmosphere of comics.
I also liked the placement of colorful characters taken straight from the comic cards and good dialogues in the film. The biggest surprise for me was the fact that the film was to be directed by a woman, namely Lexi Alexander, who is a specialist in brutal cinema ("Hooligans"). She managed the director superbly, an example of which is a well-chosen cast, good acting and the overall visual impression of the film. Applause is also due to her for her serious approach to the topic. She made a film for fans of the comic, not for the mass (as was the case with the previous "Punisher"). The character of Punisher was phenomenally played by Ray Stevenson (known for the role of Titus Pullo in the series "Rome"). This is by far the best played Punisher, because it most resembles its comic original. Stevenson has a very similar appearance and posture Punisher, is like taken straight from the comic. Film Castle is dark, ruthless, brutal, but at the same time sensitive, lonely, he can no longer talk to people normally.
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This is the only film adaptation of "Punisher" in which I felt the tragedy of the main character (great scene in the cemetery!).

Noteworthy is also the great role of Dominic West, playing Jigsaw. At first, he is a ruthless gangster who is crazy about his appearance. After the accident, however, turns into a madman blinded by revenge. A really good role, reminiscent of Two-Face from "Batman Forever". Other actors also deserve praise: good Doug Hutchison, nice Colin Salmon, great Dash Mihok and Wayne Knight. A good cast is definitely the strong point of this film. Special effects are simply delicious. The scenes of brutal shootings were realized with enormous momentum